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Legal Services

Solutions for Legal Services

Astoundingly Low Call Rates

We have various packages to maximise the saving to your phone bill. We don’t have a one tariff fits all approach. We analyse your bill to see what types of calls you make and then offer you a tariff that guarantees you will reduce your phone bill when you join Stable Communications

Recording Incoming & Outgoing Calls.

Call recording is offered FOC to Legal Services Companies that join Stable Communications. These are held on file and should you ever need them. These are easily accessible and can be retrieved hassle free as part of the service should you ever need them.

Exceptionally Flexible

With Stable Communications we bend over backwards to give great customer service and like us we are sure you will appreciate the flexibility we are able to offer you. Not only can you add and remove users as your company grows. If you need new features such as a new call group set up we can do this in a matter of minutes for you. There are no administration charges for any of these changes as we want you to get the most of your system. This is all part of the great customer service you can expect from Stable Communications

Further Benefits

  • Call Recording Features as Standard (Incoming & Outgoing)
  • Full Itemised Bill on Request
  • List of Contacts Programmed into your phones
  • Add and Remove Users with ease.
  • Immediate Savings
  • Easily add and remove features to help
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Fantastic Customer Service. (Free to call)