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The Stable Communications Story

We are a small, hard-working telecoms firm based in the Midlands. We hit the ground running with our no nonsense approach to helping our customers get the best telecoms solution for them all backed by our fantastic customer service. We offer our clients the full package.

How & Why we started

Stable Communications was set up with a simple aim of saving local businesses money on their telecoms, calls and lines. It started out small, mainly helping businesses that we knew of or owners that we knew, as we have always liked a personal relationship with our customers. It’s this customer service that means we have one of the lowest ‘churn’ rates of any telecoms company in the UK.

Why we are unique!

Stable Communications is unique compared to most other businesses. With other businesses they are usually trying to sell you something that is going to cost you money. Stable Communications is the complete opposite. After a conversation with us you are guaranteed to know how you can save money, time and stress by simply letting us look after your telecoms. It couldn’t be easier as we manage the whole change for you so there is no downtime.

We have great realtionships with our customers

We mainly grow through recommendations, so whilst we aren’t the biggest we attract the right kind of customer. One who values great Customer Service from a trustworthy supplier whilst getting savings on their telecoms expenditure. We have a great relationship with our clients to the point where some even send us pictures of their new grandkids. How many other telecoms companies have that sort of relationship with their customers? We think this speaks volumes

We want to save you £100,000!

We are ruthless about saving UK businesses money on their telecoms and we know businesses are spending too much time and money when it comes to their telecoms and not getting the service they deserve.
Our aim is to save UK businesses over £100,000 on their telecoms spend. If you want to be one of the companies saving thousands on your telecoms bills then get in touch for a no obligation review of your telecoms. How much will you save?